Crete is the largest Greek island and a favorite destination of three million tourists every year. It is in the heart of thousands of visitors, who return at least once a year to enjoy the beauty of the island, the hospitality of its inhabitants, the perfect weather and the clean beaches.

The size of Crete and the variety of landscapes can fool visitors as often lose the feeling of being on an island. It offers a variety of more than 100 beaches to enjoy with clear waters. Whether you’re looking for large sandy beaches, small coves or beaches with shallow water suitable for small children, you will find them all here.

Crete is a mountainous island and that means thousands of paths for those who ask for contact with nature through hiking and climbing. You will also find wild forests of chestnut and oak trees. Palm groves next to beautiful beaches. Fertile valleys with orange and lemon trees and thousands of olive trees as Crete is widely famous for its olive oil!

The island and its inhabitants are world famous for the exclusive hospitality that mesmerizes the traveler and makes him feel at home. Local cuisine at its best accompanied by raki or wine produced by ancient vineyards.

It can fulfill your dreams of an unforgettable holiday because it’s large, beautiful and can take care of you in a unique and exciting way!



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